Wednesday, March 23, 2005

More news...

Here's another short update on how I am doing. I tried emailing earlier this week...but couldn't connect. I guess that's just a part of life here in SL. :)

I am doing pretty good. We are all very busy, trying to get the VVF centre as well as the clinic ready so that we can start seeing patients. I have already realized that this is definitely a pioneering mission- which means that it takes a lot of time and effort to get systems in place! For many of us, this is a whole new line of work. We're trying our best to get things done but it's not always easy. We are sometimes limited by transport, often by time, and by lack of resources. We do all know that this is what we should be doing. And that God's timing is perfect!

We're not only trying to get things ready at the Center, but also trying to get settled in at the team compound. We are very happy with the place we have- it's amazing. A container arrived last Wednesday from Holland- and we spent most of this past weekend putting together our kitchen tables and chairs, dressers, beds etc. A busy weekend! Up until yesterday I was sharing a room- which was fine really. But it is nice to now have a room of my own (at least for now!) and I was able to move in yesterday. I don't have any furniture yet, as that is on the next container- but with time I will make it my little home. I even have my own bathroom! The best part about our compound is the gazebo...a place where we sit and talk, eat, catch a breeze, have our Krio lessons, enjoy tea parties etc. Hopefully in the future we'll have some great barbeques and parties there :)

Okay, this is it for now!


~Amy said...


I'm glad to hear you are doing well. I like having this website, so we can keep in touch! The pictures of Zoey are SOOOOO cute!!! She's just precious!!!

Talk to you later!


Anonymous said...


Busy busy! Never thought you'd be so all-round did you? Packing and unpacking boxes, organizing a hospital, installing furniture...
I'm sure you won't get bored!
Hope to hear some great stories about "your" clinic soon! I'm sure you'll have enough to tell!


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