Thursday, December 22, 2005

Trip back to SL...

After spending 3 weeks in Holland I made it back safe and sound to SL. I had a great time in Holland seeing family and friends. I was spoiled over and over again! Thank you!!!

I left Holland on Monday and flew to London. I was in for a treat there as well. We had a mini Anastasis reunion which was fun and our hostess was so generous! On Tuesday I flew from London to Freetown. The flight was delayed, as it often is! We finally left 1 ½ hours later than scheduled. The most interesting part of the trip was watching and experiencing my co-fliers! In London they were very sophisticated and patient while checking-in and boarding. Most were Sierra Leoneans, some of who hadn’t been home for 10 years! On arrival in Freetown things were a bit hectic. I was confronted with the culture right away. When people disagree here, they generally tend to yell and shout. Well, we almost had a fist fight at the baggage claim area as one lady accidently took some one else’s suitcase off of the belt! She was accused of being a thief etc. All ended well. Welcome back…! After getting our suitcases we were hassled by men trying to ‘help’ us out as we were making our way to the hovercraft ticket counter. We could easily manage our luggage on our own, however, these guys like to ‘help’ out because then they can ask us for a tip! To make a long story short after about 2 hours of waiting, watching, avoiding arguments, etc. we departed by hovercraft, arriving on the otherside after 1 am. It was a long day.

It was good to arrive at our compound and felt good to be in my own place again, even though it was a very empty room. Before leaving I had to take everything out of my room so that the walls could be fixed. Well, they were fixed and re-painted. My room had never looked this good, as the walls had started leaking and molding away the day I moved in earlier this year!

Anyway, it’s good to be back and I’m ready to go again.

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