Wednesday, March 01, 2006

A bit more about Kenya...

A little more about the conference, since some of you are wondering what I really did in Kenya! A lot of people are surprise to hear it was a christian conference- so, just so you know, it was put on by the Christian Medical and Dental Association.

Small group was at 630 each morning! Early, I know, and it was cold too! After small group we had breakfast and a worship/teaching session. The focus was on Exodus- a desert experience. We talked about many difference aspects- what is a calling, what is true worship, etc. It was very encouraging.

From about 9am till 5pm we had ‘classes’, with a lunch break. I could choose different topics- there were 4 streams: a medical, surgical, community health and dental stream. I mainly chose the medical topics. I went to things like: rashes in children, common pediatric infections, severe pneumonia, typhoid, neonatal resuscitation, tropical dermatology cases, tuberculosis in children, malaria symposium, anemia, HIV treatment basics, study design, tropical medicine cases, spirituality in clinical settings, fever in tropics etc. There were a wide range of topics, and I could usually find something that would be beneficial to my work in the clinic. The dermatology lectures were very good, as were the tropical medicine cases.

I had free time from 5-6pm. After that I had my PALS course during dinner, and then we had one more lecture and a time of intercession. It was great to hear people share from their country and to pray together for people working in so many different countries- in Africa and the Middle East.

So, as you can see we had a busy schedule!

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