Thursday, August 03, 2006

Light-hearted visit...

One of my most frequent patients came to the clinic again this week. The first time I saw her was in May 2005, just after the clinic opened. Since then she has come to the clinic about once every 1-2 months; with various illnesses- cough, malaria, ear infection, dysentery, ring worm, boils. Today she came in, first of all with a big smile and a high five, and second of all, with a history of a cough and cold. She was quick to ask for my stethoscope and squealed with delight when I placed the stethoscope around her neck! It was fun to hear her laugh. She then sat very quietly through the examination, pointing out to me where to place my stethoscope. I guess maybe she has come in one too many times. However, I would rather have my patients come in a few times too many, than one time too few or too late. It’s fun to be able to build a relationship with some of my patients!

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