Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Normal or not...

Here the unusual starts seeming quite usual after you’ve been here for awhile. Someone asked me this evening if I noticed the loud barking dogs last night. I said, no, I didn’t hear them last night but I heard them every night for the first two months I was out here! I do think the dogs are out there every night…but after a few months, I guess I just got used to them. Just like I get used to seeing people walk up the street every morning with buckets of water on their head or used to the piles of trash on the side of the streets (used to the sight, not the smell!). I’ve gotten used to the sound of the generator at night, people honking their car horns every five seconds, little kids yelling ‘white man, white man’ and so many more things. This picture is just an example of one of the many things one can encounter on a daily basis here :)

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