Sunday, June 10, 2007

Sierra Leonean wedding...

Three of our employees got married in the past 5 weeks. Needless to say we got a good taste of what Sierra Leonean weddings are like J See for yourself…

Harriet and myself in our 'wedding outfits'. Yes, all Mercy Ships staff wore similar outfits...that is, the same material. It's amazing how many different styles you can come up with. At least we didn't have to decide what to wear for each wedding.

Last week's wedding. The wedding couple and the bridesmaids. This is our seamstress' wedding. She made her own wedding dress!

This is at the second wedding we attended. Bridesmaids walking up the aisle. Note the little colored flags hanging from the ceiling- this seemed to be a recurring decorative style.

Also similar in all of the weddings was when the couple had to stand at the front to perform their first duty: time for an offering. Actually, make that two offerings. The first one was for the church, the second one is for the couple. Aisle by aisle people go forward with their donation.

Typical shot at a SL wedding...the bouquet of artificial flowers, the glove, the ring, painted nails...It actually does look quite amazing.


Anonymous said...

Hey San

Great outfits .... :) Maybe we can borrow them from all the staff and use them for Stefan and Genae's wedding party.
Have a great weekend

Anonymous said...

The dresses are great. I'm getting married to a sierra leone man. In September.

~ Act Justly. Love Mercy. Walk Humbly. micah 6:8 ~