Sunday, October 12, 2008

More on beach bar destruction...

I am still not sure what the logic was behind tearing down all of the beach bars on Lumley beach. Apparently the Ministry of Tourism thinks that they will not attract tourists. Well, our favorite place Ramada's certainly would have. It was very much African Beach Hut style with palm trees, thatched roof, etc. Now all that is left along the beach road are a few finished and many half-finished concrete buildings on the other side of the road; not quite as tropical and touristy in my opinion. But I'm not in the Ministry am I.

On Saturday while driving along the beach road we saw a lot of army trucks and soldiers. The soldiers were burning up the remains of the beach bars. As sad as it is that the bars were destroyed, I am glad to see that the remains are being taken care of so that the beach won't continue to look like it was struck by a hurricane!

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