Friday, May 22, 2009

Makes you wonder...

Sometimes the cases I see make me wonder what is really going on.
They're definitely not all straight forward.
These are just 2 examples.
The picture on the left is a little girl who had swollen hands and feet 2 months ago.
After a month or so the swelling on her left foot 'burst'.
A week later the mother noticed a bone protruding from her foot.
I wondered if it was her bone, or a foreign bone.
Her own bone that has protruded due to osteomyelitis?
Possible a piece of bone stuck in her foot to heal it traditionally???
The picture on the right is the xray of a 7 year old boy.
He has had 'piss problems' for over 2 years now.
This boy is in severe pain every time he urinates.
To the point of having to lay on the ground in agony as he pees.
He had a very bad urinary tract infection which I treated.
But his symptoms remained.
I could only think there was some sort of obstruction.
I referred him to the urologist, or 'piss doctor'.
His next step was an xray.
Is this very round object the cause of obstruction?
The father was told this was a coin.
I'm thinking maybe bladder stone, but it's awfully round???
Again, is it something put there by a traditional healer?
We'll see next week what the urologist had to say about it.
Everyday definitely has it's unique cases!

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