Friday, November 13, 2009

Facebook in Africa...

Facebook. What would I have done without it? Well, I suppose for the first 2 years in Sierra Leone I did not even know about facebook but once I discovered it, I was hooked. No, honestly, as much as it can be a time waster, it is definitely an excellent way to stay in touch with friends and family, especially when so far away. One of the fun attributes is of course the status updates, which were sometimes a little out of the ordinary when I lived in Salone…

Sandra Lako…

Is cross checking the dispensary medication control book, 100 tablets of this and 60 tablets of that - 'missing'. My least favorite bit of the job: cross-checking!

Had 2 interviews with national doctors today - 1 went very well, the other was okay. Let's just say that spending 1/4 of your interview on your cell phone does not give a very good impression.

Is ready to start treating children after sorting out some ‘line’ issues with parents outside the gate.

Had a sad start to the week. [One of the patients died while waiting in line outside the gate]

Does not like sneaking out at midnight with a flashlight, cell phone and panic button to explore strange noises on our compound. Don’t we have guards?

Swam in the ocean, lazied around in the lagoon and hiked through the jungle today.

Just got back from an almost 12 hour clinic day- 46 patients today- many very sick ones today!

Loves that we have electricity on a Saturday. How long will it last?

Finally got the red dust washed out of her hair after a road trip upcountry

Just finished making a giant paper Christmas tree to take out to an orphanage tomorrow...

Had a glorious shower- excellent water pressure for a change - I didn't have to kneel down to wash my hair!

Loved talking to her niece for her 4th b-day but was sad when her 1st question was “are you coming for my birthday from Africa too?” & I had to tell her “no”.

Had an exciting day: 65+ patients, 1 snake & a fumigated office due to almost exploding car!!!

Sent a 3 year old weighing 7.9kg to the feeding center today...

Is celebrating Friday with fine dark chocolate with an intense taste of mint

Is upset that a child she referred to children's hospital yesterday died because they couldn't see the doctor cause they did not have money at hand to register!

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