Friday, September 23, 2011

Rainy Friday...

Rainy season hasn't ended yet. A lot of people seem to think it should have been done in September, but I always remember it to have rained in September. It's not over yet. To be honest, the rains haven't even been too bad this year so maybe it will be a bit more drawn out than usual.

This morning I left the house at 645 am to meet up with my driver to handover the car key. He needed to go and pick someone up. Off I went, raincoat on and umbrella in hand. I reached the office by 7 am and fortunately the driver appeared a few minutes after I did!

So, I am now at the Spur Road office, using the internet and writing a few documents while waiting for an 8 am meeting. After that, it's errands in town (getting colleagues registered, visas sorted, etc) and last but not least, the hospital. I have to say I'm happy it's Friday. I do have some work to do this weekend...and an Enable the Children Board meeting, but it'll be nice not to have to wake up early and sit in an office all day! And, maybe I'll find some time to blog about my Engineering experience, my trip to Bailor town, the community survey etc.

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