Saturday, November 05, 2011

Another day of bliss...

Today is a lazy Saturday. I didn't sleep much last night and was woken up early for various reasons, one being very loud music coming from the compound next door, but I managed to get out the door before 10 with my flat mate. We headed for Bliss patisserie. Our plan was brunch and internet. The internet was slow at first but picked up as the morning progressed.

After a busy week it's great to have some down time. The week was a bit unusual. On Monday we worked as usual. Tuesday marked the start of Comic Relief funding. Wednesday we attended the opening ceremony for the Sierra Leone Medical and Dental Association. The Minister of Health officially opened the Congress and a very experienced paediatrician, Dr Robbin-Coker, gave the key message. Since the theme this year was Child Health, it was very relevant to us and worth going. It was also a good place to network! Thursday I spent the day with three doctors from King's College in London. It was a very good/productive day, but kept me from my usual work. We met with key people in both the Children' s and Maternity hospital and also made a visit to Kissy Mental Hospital. On Friday work was as usual and ended with a management meeting in the afternoon. A meeting that should take place every month, but hadn't taken place since July. After that I was ready to call it a day but got caught up with some patient care - trying to find a patients chart for re-admission and trying to convince the dispenser to dispense ceftriaxone to one of the children on the general ward. It's a long story, but we tend to have a complicated medication system.

Anyway, it's great to have a day off. I have a Board meeting tomorrow afternoon - by skype! We'll see how that goes. It's supposed to be a skype meeting with two of us from Freetown, two people in the UK and two people in the USA. We'll see what happens. Monday is a public holiday (Eid) and seeing as we've all been working pretty hard, we thought we would plan a mandatory team outing to the beach! We'll see what happens. For now, I am going to enjoy a crepe with apples and ice cream.

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