Thursday, February 16, 2012

Clean feet & more...

I left Freetown just over a week ago, and although I miss it, there are definitely good things about being back in the developed world.

Spending time with good friends and family is obviously good. As are things like dairy (milk, cheese, yoghurt, etc), machine-washed clothes and showers with excellent water pressure. Not to mention chocolate, in any way shape or form: chocolate cake, crispy Kit Kats (as opposed to stale ones!), hot chocolate, chocolate sprinkles, M&Ms. Yes, I am (somewhat) addicted to chocolate.

The sight of snow on the ground, seeing ponds frozen over and the occasional field of green grass is also fun to see again. And of course, all aspects concerning traffic are better, except maybe driving on the left-hand side in the UK! The roads are amazing (in the sense that they are paved and don't have any potholes) and there are traffic lights - I realize that every junction in the UK or Netherlands has more traffic lights than all of Sierra Leone - of which none of them even work.

And then there are the clean feet. If you haven't experienced it yourself, I'll tell you: it is incredible what Freetown does to ones feet! I think it took me one 45 minute bath and about three 10-minute showers with foot scrubs to get my feet clean. Finally. To be honest, I actually don't like feet very much but there is something about the dirty feet you get in Freetown that is very unappealing and makes me wish for clean feet. And now they are clean. For about 6 more days. Once I land in Sierra Leone, it's only a matter of hours before I have dirty feet once again.

So, for now, I'll continue to enjoy my time away in the West before heading back to Freetown. And then, once it's time to head back, I know I'll be leaving some good things behind but I also know I will be going back to a sunny place, with beautiful beaches, friends and my own bed!


Anonymous said...

I can SOOOO identify ... all I can think about is a nice pedicure ... but then when I am in the West I do not want to spend the money... liefs mama

Vez said...

What was wrong with my driving here in England??

Glad you're enjoying clean feet and chocolate, though I hope the latter more!

Dwell on the tastes, smells and feelings before you head home again.

V x

~ Act Justly. Love Mercy. Walk Humbly. micah 6:8 ~