Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Ebola: slowly getting prepared...

There are still no confirmed Ebola cases in Sierra Leone! We are happy for that.

Yesterday I was unsuccessful in moving things forward at the hospital as far as Ebola preparation goes. Today, however, was a breakthrough. My colleague, Kate, and I had a meeting with 6 people from both the Children's and Maternity hospitals to discuss our preparedness plans. We ended the meeting with a walk to the radiology building, which is pretty much only being used for ultrasound. (Our digital x-ray is set up elsewhere since this building was supposed to be demolished a year ago). It was decided that the ultrasound would move elsewhere and we would use the building as our Ebola Isolation Area. 

We have identified two rooms: one for the isolation area with two beds for now and one for storage of cleaning supplies and personal protective equipment. We actually had to involve the police, security and a carpenter to break one of the locks to get access to one of the rooms. We got as far as emptying out and cleaning one room today and hopefully the preparation of the rooms will continue in the morning. 

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Anonymous said...


I have been searching for blogs online for a few days now, and am very glad I came upon yours. Reading about the impact of Ebola and the efforts to curb the disease are both fascinating and important. The photos you posted about the "stay at home day" were amazing to see. That Ebola is starting to be beat back, a little bit, even if just in terms of the wider community understanding of it, is great news. I worked with some people from Mercy Ships many years ago (post-tsunami, Sri Lanka). I work in development, but as an academic Dr, not medical, and I am just in awe of the work that experts and health advisors - staff and volunteers - such as yourself are doing at the front end of this very frightening disease. I currently am based in South America, so a considerable distance away (although not if air travel is counted) but will be adding your blog site to my list of news sources to read on this. Thanks for providing such interesting, first person information and all the best to you and everyone working to fight this.

~ Act Justly. Love Mercy. Walk Humbly. micah 6:8 ~