Tuesday, April 14, 2015

A moment in a movie...

For two minutes this evening I felt like I was in a movie, just for a moment.

I was driving along Siaka Stevens street downtown when all of a sudden the world around me froze. I realized it was 6pm, which is the time that the anthem is played and the flag is lowered in various parts of the city. During this activity, out of respect, no one is allowed to move. Our car also stopped. Everyone around me froze - people stopped in the middle of the street, okadas (motorcycles) stopped abruptly, vehicles stopped. Except for one man. He kept walking because he was apparently oblivious to what was going on - within seconds he was shouted at and told to stop, which he did, after he backtracked his steps a little and stood frozen in the spot where he was expected to stop originally. It's a bizarre scene. I wish I could film it. After 2-3 minutes the music stops, the flag is lowered and everyone starts moving again. Back to the craziness of Freetown but for 2 minutes, the neighborhood was quiet. 

The first time I experienced this was years ago on Fourah Bay Road near the Eastern Police Clock Tower - at that time I was the one who was shouted at and told to stop, which I did, having no clue what was going on. Now I know. I don't experience this 'frozen in time' event often, but when I do it really feels like I have stepped into a movie. It's a fun experience. Unfortunately the clock tower does not seem to play the national anthem anymore.

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