Monday, May 29, 2017

10 new recipes: completed...

17. Try 10 new cooking/baking recipes in 10 months – completed on 24/5/17

Here’s the list of the recipes I’ve made over the past 6 months:
-Pumpkin Roll
-Pie Crust
-Sugar cookies and icing
-Havermout chocolade banana muffins (oats, chocolate, banana muffins)
-Lentil Curry
-Cinnamon Rolls
-Quick Pickles
-Grilled halloumi, rocket and avocado salad
-Naan bread
-Lime bars
-I also helped make Turkey Soup, Cruesli and baked a Mango Crumble, just to add a few extras.

So, here’s the rundown:

Best recipe: Cinnamon Rolls – so tasty, especially right from the oven
Worst recipe: Havermout chocolade banana muffins – strangely this recipe does not call for flour and you end up with quite a mushy muffin – seeing as no one like them, this is not to be repeated.
Best discovery: Lentil Curry – I had never cooked lentils until a few months ago – what a brilliant discovery on my part
Fastest recipe: Quick Pickles, hence the name!
Recipe that needs some perfecting: Naan bread, tastes good but needs a little work in terms of presentation
Most labor intensive: Lime bars, squeezing 20-25 limes took me a while, as well as using a knife to grate enough lime zest
Most fun: Sugar cookies and icing – mostly because it was a great activity with nephews and nieces, both in the USA and NL
Recipe I would like to repeat soon: grilled halloumi, delicious!
Most challenging & creative: Pumpkin Roll, figuring out how to bake the dough so that it would be thin enough to roll, and then finding a way to roll it up to cool it down and then adding the filling and rolling it up again.
Recipe everyone needs to have: Pie Crust, important for any pie making, and so easy

Happy baking & cooking!

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