Tuesday, June 13, 2017

40 days until 40 years...

I have 40 days to go until my 40th birthday. So, how’s the list going? Well, I recently finished one more activity and another one is due to be completed later this week:
#10 ✔Successfully complete an online course (12/6/17 – Clinical Supervision)
#21 A 30-day challenge – completing acts of kindness or gratefulness (started 8/5/17)

That leaves me with 10 activities that still need to be checked off.
#1 Visit 1 new country
#2 Drive a vehicle in Sierra Leone for the first time
#11 Get a massage
#13 Run a race
#16 Sponsor a child
#20 Get a manicure and pedicure (1/11/16) at Nali, Freetown, Sierra Leone
#24 Visit Bonthe island, Sierra Leone
#27 Walk down Lumley beach making a fashion statement
#28 Visit Bomba ice cream factory and discuss new flavours
#39 Take a photography lesson

Some of these activities are already planned. Tickets to Portugal for July have been booked, which is very exciting! And we’re throwing in Morocco as a bonus country just because we can. I'm discussing child sponsorship with the organization my parents work for. I'm hoping the trip to Bonthe island takes place later this month. Other activities are yet to be planned. It will be a busy 40 days…

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