Monday, March 05, 2018

Feeling thankful in February...

Here are my moments of thankfulness in February:
  1. Thankful for a good public transport system in Freetown that makes it very easy to get to and from work.
  2. Thankful for the opportunity to support families of children with cleft lip/palate defects.
  3. Thankful for a fabulous first day of our international church retreat at Tokeh palms. The location, food, sun, sea, swimming pool and bonfire were great and it was fantastic to spend time with our amazing church community.
  4. Thankful for some great times on day 2 of the retreat and for Faith church who blessed us with this special weekend away.
  5. Thankful that a Sierra Leonean medical doctor joined our OPC team. I’m looking forward to working with her!!
  6. Thankful for amazing friends who know how to encourage and say the right thing at the right time.
  7. Thankful for mosquito coils that protect me from mosquito bites while studying!
  8. Thankful that Haley arrived back this evening. It was great to catch up after not seeing her for 7 weeks.
  9. Thankful that Lunch is provided at AWC even thought it usually ends up being a very late lunch! It was potato leaves today, one of my favourites.
  10. Thankful to receive news from friends that they have started fostering a little boy. Amazing!
  11. Thankful for a fun time at an international dance event last night, especially since my Eritrean flat mate took part in the Ethiopian dance! So fun.
  12. Thankful for a lovely evening with friends yesterday - delicious pancakes and lots of catch up time.
  13. Thankful for a new colleague who arrived from Malawi to help out in the clinic for the next 6 months.
  14. Thankful for a great group of friends at Bible Study.
  15. Thankful that one of my patients is finally fever free after starting TB treatment a week ago. He’s growing well too!
  16. Thankful to meet baby Bah - a precious child who is being fostered by friends of mine.
  17. Thankful to be part of an outstanding Enable the Children beach gathering. I’ve been closely involved with this organisation since the beginning in 2007 and it’s awesome to see it continue to flourish.
  18. Thankful for international church and reflecting on this season of Lent.
  19. Thankful for a public holiday - brunch with friends and extra study time. Hurray for Armed Forces Day.
  20. Thankful to have been able to spend every Tuesday at the Kroo Bay Health Centre for the past 6 months. Sadly due to programme changes I won’t be able to attend as frequently but should still be able to be present every other week.
  21. Thankful for naps even though I should have been working on an assignment
  22. Thankful for precious time with friends - quality time spent with a friend before she travels, with an amazing sunset view, pizza and cocktails.
  23. Thankful to be able to introduce two families to each other who have children with cleft lip and palates - so encouraging!
  24. Thankful to be able to attend a baby naming ceremony and dedication.
  25. Thankful to be a part of a 24-7 prayer event focussing on the upcoming Sierra Leonean elections.
  26. Thankful for much better electricity these days - thanks to a ship off shore generating power - hopefully this lasts beyond elections.
  27. Thankful for a delicious chicken, mango, sesame, avocado salad at Swiss Spirit hotel.
  28. Thankful to have completed module 1 of my MPH. Wow, that was a busy 12 weeks. I’m excited about a 2-week study break.

For moments of thankfulness in January 2018 see:

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