Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Walk with a purpose...

This past Sunday my mom, Melissa and I went to the beach for a walk. This was not just an ordinary walk. It was a walk with a purpose. Together with about 1000 other people we walked about 8 km (4.9 miles) along the beach, walking to fight hunger. On the same day, in 90 countries around the world, people were walking for the same reason. “Fight Hunger, Walk the World” is an annual event organized by the World Food Program, to raise awareness and funds and make it possible to eradicate child hunger by 2015.

At 8:30am we got to the starting point. We were surprised to see so many people present, Sierra Leoneans and expats alike. The first thing we noticed was that everyone was wearing the same t-shirts. So we made sure to get in line to buy the shirt! Before actually walking, there was a short program. A number of different people spoke, including the vice president of Sierra Leone. Unfortunately however, the microphone wasn’t working, so I’m not exactly sure what he said. After that we all started walking! The walk took about 1h45m. Fortunately it was dry and not too hot. It was great to take part in a global activity, and to walk with so many others for the children who suffer from hunger. For more info see or

me, Melissa, and my mom ... and the t-shirts :)

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