Saturday, June 04, 2005

Yummy for my tummy...

Many of you are probably wondering what the food is like here. Well, to say the least, the food is great. And it’s usually prepared for me! That is definitely a blessing. In the weekends we don’t have a cook, so we eat leftovers, prepare our own meals, or eat elsewhere.

Breakfast is self-service. For me, this usually means eating cereal (with powdered milk) or bread (with spread cheese or peanut butter & jelly). In the weekends I have some more time to make breakfast, so I’ll occasionally enjoy other things like French toast, eggs...

During the week we eat lunch at the center…African food! The menu is the same every week…the sauces are different everyday, but the staple remains the same...RICE. I don’t care too much for the potato leaves, but the rest is good. Greens are my favorite. Some of the cooks use more hot pepper than others- you just have to make sure you always have your water bottle close by :)

Just to give you an idea, here is the center’s menu:
Groundnut sauce (peanut sauce), chicken and rice
Cassava leaves, fish and rice
Potato leaves, dry fish and rice
Greens (tastes like spinach!!) and rice
Groundnut, chicken and rice

At the team house our cook, Abdul, prepares our dinner. Here are some of the dishes that rotate through our menu; usually accompanied with fruit salad or normal salad and sometimes cake:
Grilled peanut chicken, rice, vegetables (a house favorite!)
Fish, couscous, vegetables
Shepherds pie, (one of my favorites, believe it or not)
Spaghetti, garlic bread
Chicken kebab, fried rice, avocado salad (favorite!!)
Grilled fish, sweet potatoes, plantain
Meat loaf, potatoes, green beans

So, as you can see...the food is YUMMY! A good mix of African, European and American food!

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Anonymous said...

Not bad! Except for the cereal with powdered milk! That brings back a LOT of memories of Mexico and other places. I'd go with the pbj's for sure! But, hey, who can complain when you're in a place where you see poverty every day and feel like a king/queen just because you have the luxury of eating anything at all! I know I see things in a much different perspective when counting my blessings!
Enjoy some greens for me too will ya? And grilled chicken too!

Big hug, Maris

~ Act Justly. Love Mercy. Walk Humbly. micah 6:8 ~