Friday, October 28, 2005

M/V home for many years...

Today the Anastasis arrived in Liberia, for what could be her last outreach. I am not sure how many of you have heard the news- but the plan right now is that after this next outreach the Anastasis will be put 'out of service'. You can probably imagine that I was quite surprised by the news and that I have mixed feelings- I grew up on the ship and it is a strange thought that her mission could be over. However, I know that God knows best, and His ways are not always my ways. Here is the official report. If things change- I'll let you know!


GARDEN VALLEY, TEXAS, SEPTEMBER 1, 2005: Following the completion of a recent executive committee meeting, Mercy Ships Founder/President Don Stephens announced a new strategy for Mercy Ships in serving the poorest of the poor, with a renewed focus on the continent of Africa.

Stephens began by affirming the Anastasis is poised to commence field service to the nation of Liberia beginning 28 October. He continued, “We are looking forward to bringing hope and healing to this war ravaged nation with a hospital ship which concentrates on transformational development for individuals and communities in desperate need. Mercy Ships volunteers and crew have now been in active service for almost a quarter of a century, most of it to people of Africa living in extreme poverty.” Stephens continued by announcing in coordination with the launching of the Africa Mercy, the Anastasis will be taken out of service in mid-2006 to facilitate a concentrated focus of efforts and resources on the Africa Mercy, the newest generation of Mercy Ship.

“This new ship will have approximately twice the capacity of all our prior field assets combined. She will serve as the model going forward for the next generation of Mercy Ships”. He noted a study will be conducted on the future of the Anastasis, with an emphasis on the implications of new international technical standards taking effect in 2010. The two ships will join together in Ghana in May at which time crew and equipment will be added to the Africa Mercy as she begins her first season of service.

Mercy Ships is the leader in using hospital ships to deliver free world class health care services to the poor. Since 1978, Mercy Ships has performed more than 2 million services, with a value of $250 million. Each year more than 1,600 short-term volunteers serve with Mercy Ships.

For further information, contact:
Glenn Price
VP, Communications
Phone: (903) 939-7000

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