Monday, January 16, 2006 to a busy start

Happy New Year.
It's been a little while since I have posted something on my site. This is partially because my laptop has taken its last breath...yes, our short-term computer tech officially declared it dead last week...and because I have been busy. The clinic re-opened on January 3rd and I have been seeing 40+ patients on clinic days.

Today was a very busy day with many patients to refer- two with malaria and hemoglobins of 4.2 and 4.6 (should be above 10!!). So they went to Emergency hospital for intravenous malaria treatment and probably blood. Another case I referred was a month old baby with a very large facial tumor (bigger than a grapefruit). I am referring her for some tests and then depending on the results I may be able to send her to the ship in Liberia. Another child I referred was to the surgical clinic at Emergency Hospital- a little boy with a huge injection abcess on his left thigh. It looked quite painful! So they will need to incise and drain it there. (sorry for the non-medical people).

At the house things are going fine. We have a very full house! An anesthesiologist visiting from the UK with her husband, a VVF surgeon from Ethiopia visiting for 2 weeks, Rebekah from Canada and her two kids (Christian, girl, 2yrs and Noah, boy, 3 months) that she is adopting and our long term staff. The latest addition to our long term staff is our health care manager- Terri Bilton from New Zealand. She arrived on Friday and will be with us for awhile!

Alright, I wish you all a healthy and safe 2006!

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