Monday, January 23, 2006


Interesting day today. 47 patients. I saw a lot of kids with coughs, colds and fevers but also some unusual things. A baby with 12 toes and 12 fingers. A 12 year old boy with a large mass in his lower abdomen (referred, still waiting to hear what it is). A child who has been sick for a few weeks and now has canary yellow eyes; it is malaria. Kids with squiggly lines on their legs, seriously looks like a worm crawling under the skin (= cutaneous larva migrans, otherwise known as dog hookworm, it isn’t harmful but can be very itchy!) Many children with malaria, although here, that’s not so unusual anymore.

Anyway, plenty to do, see, figure out etc.

More news- I am going to Kenya on February 3rd for 2 weeks to attend a medical conference there. I’m going with the two VVF surgeons and I’m sure we’ll have a great trip. It was a little worrying at first when I found out two weeks ago that the doctor that was going to cover for me wouldn’t be able to come anymore due to appendicitis. I was worried we would need to close the clinic for a few weeks. But thank God, after a lot of emailing back and forth we found out today that someone else will be able to come out next week to cover for me. So, all things work out in the end!!!

More another time...


Anonymous said...

Hey San

Onvoorstelbaar wat je elke dag opnieuw weer tegen komt.
Geweldig hoe je zo bezig bent in de clinic.
EN genieten van Kenya he!!!

Bill Horn said...

Hello Sandra,
I was on the Annastasis with you and your family over 20 years ago. I really enjoyed my time with you and your parents and Mariska, and later Stephan. You were my little buddy for a while (you were about 3 years old at the time. It is wonderful to hear from you now that you are grown up, and that you are still in mission work.

Bill Horn (

sproetjie said...

hey San

Leuk om te lezen allemaal. Je maakt heel wat mee!
groetjes van ons,

Julia said...

Hi Sanna,
I really enjoyed the pictures of Kenya.
Stay well still praying for you and parents.
love Julia

~ Act Justly. Love Mercy. Walk Humbly. micah 6:8 ~