Tuesday, May 30, 2006

on our way...

We set sail just after 9am today. We had a little trouble bringing in the anchor as we were leaving the port; but thankfully the problem was resolved quickly with no consequences. The captain and pilot did a great job in getting us out of the port- there are said to be 31 shipwrecks in the harbor of Monrovia! The rest of the morning was spent on promenade deck, overlooking the ocean, and enjoying lunch on the deck. At about 1:30 pm about ten of us on the bow of the ship were fortunate to see the first dolphins of the sail. Two large dolphins swimming side by side, from port to starboard side along the bow of the ship. They stayed with us for just a few minutes before heading off into the vast ocean.

As we move through the waters and leave a trail behind us I am again reminded that this is the final sail. The crew over the years has accomplished a lot; the Anastasis has been a vessel bringing hope and healing to thousands. I am thankful that there is a ship that will continue in her footsteps. As has been stated before: “Her service is finished, God’s legacy lives on.”


RoBear said...

Your snaps are great! And the ship looks absolutely beautiful! This is the way I want to remember her. I have to ask: once the AFM arrives and she's stripped of her stuff, what will happen to the Annie?

Gisela said...

Hi Sandra, thanks for all the great pictures. Makes me "homesick". We do have lots of water here as well, unfortunately not below the bow. No dolphines either. Feels like the African rainy season and is supposed to be the German summer.
Enjoy your time..

~ Act Justly. Love Mercy. Walk Humbly. micah 6:8 ~