Thursday, May 18, 2006

Patient reunion...

The first weekend of May was busy for us at the ACFC as we had our one year patient reunion. Ladies who had undergone VVF surgery over the past year had been invited back to the center to celebrate with us. A total of 31 ladies showed up; some coming as early as Thursday. Most of these ladies had successful surgeries and showed up with huge smiles on their faces. We spent a lot of time on Friday and Saturday singing and dancing, marching around the room, cheering, eating, taking pictures, watching the Prince of Egypt on big screen etc. It was like a camp weekend- it was quite a sight. There was also time for testimonies and a chance for the ladies to perform a skit for us (re-enacting how they got the fistula, hearing about Mercy Ships, having surgery etc.). I must say we had some good actresses! The ladies stayed in the hostel, which is in the final stages of the building process. There weren’t any beds, but the ladies were very happy with their mats! Needless to say, it was a busy weekend for the expatriate staff, but well worth it, seeing these energetic ladies express their thanks.

Attached is a picture of me and Ramatulai- she was here last year while her mom had VVF surgery. She’s now 8 months and doing great.


Ellen said...

Hi San! That´s the same baby we have pic´s with as well :). What did they to her hair?? :)
Love Ellen

Diane said...

I loved seeing you and all the pictures. Miss all of you! Diane Cable

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