Sunday, October 01, 2006

Another amazing day...

Today was wonderful.

A group of us got together at the house and had ‘church’. It was great to talk and discuss life issues based on a teaching we watched. We’re watching a series by Andy Stanley called ‘The best question ever” which is pretty much about making wise decisions. It’s quite interesting. Good food for thought.

After that 6 of us headed out to River no. 2. The one hour journey was fun- good music, lots of chatting, and many bumps. There were a few ‘road blocks’ on the way. Road blocks on the way to the beach usually consist of kids pretending to work on the road and sometimes (young) men. Occasionally they really are patching up some of the pot holes but generally speaking they’re just standing around. Two of them stand on either side of the road holding up a rope which they will lower after you pay them some money. Or- they lower it when they realize the car is not slowing down! One of the kids made a costume out of branches and leaves and was dancing in front of the rope. We decided the ‘tree dance’ deserved a couple of blocks. (1 block = 100 Leones = 3 US cents).

When we got to River 2 it was amazing; as it always is really. The beach was absolutely gorgeous. We had a great time swimming in the ocean, walking along the beach, climbing some rocks, sitting around chatting, sheltering from the rain (which only lasted about 10 minutes), laying on the sand etc. Good company, beautiful surroundings, great food, fun conversations and plenty of time to relax.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Sandra
Good to read that you had a great weekend. Have a wonderful week, KNowing that He who made you you, is there for you.

~ Act Justly. Love Mercy. Walk Humbly. micah 6:8 ~