Saturday, February 24, 2007

Cat dies after being trampled by refugee...

The following post has been reproduced with permission from the author, my friend Cecily. Her post (from Friday Feb 23rd) really said it I thought it best to share her thoughts with you.

Pamplemousse, a baby cat who was rescued by a Mercy Ships employee three weeks ago, died late yesterday evening after being trampled by a 2 year-old refugee. The boy had been staying at the Mercy Ships house with his family after having fled from a conflict situation in Guinea where his parents were missionaries. While playing in the yard at the Mercy Ships home, the small boy trampled Pamplemousse who was laying quietly in the grass. She died, hours later, surrounded by her loved-ones. She was buried that evening in the Mercy Ships yard. She will be missed by many. She is survived by her loving caregivers and friends. Pamplemousse, we will never forget.What follows is a poem, written by a friend of the late cat, printed with permission of the owner...

You came into our lives
So small, so hideous
Covered in dirt, you were
We washed you
We fed you
You survived...
but not for long.
Your young life was taken so soon.
Now we are only left with the memories...
How you used to swim in your milk bowl
How you used to meow incessantly
The way you would find a place to curl up and sleep between the neck and the collarbone of a nearby friend
Now you are gone.
Gone forever.
So sad.
So very, very sad.
Goodbye, sweet cat.
Rest with your fathers.
We will go on...
with the memories we have.
And we will be sad.
So very, very sad.
Trampled, you were.
You were so young.
So free.
And now,
You are gone.

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I'm a little offended that you didn't want to include my poem up there

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