Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Same child???

Aug. '06- 7w 2.8kg..........Feb.'07- 8m 8.5kg

In August 2006 a mother showed up with her 7 week old boy, weighing 2.8kg. Apparently after her first child died as an infant, the blame was put on her breastmilk. Consequently, to ensure her second child’s survival, she was told not to breastfeed him. Instead he was fed a total of about 250ml of watery milk a day! Obviously he wasn't going to survive like this. We strongly encouraged the mother to start breastfeeding the child. She probably spent half the day with us learning how to breastfeed the child; needless to say the baby was quite eager to be fed.

A week later mom and baby came again; unfortunately his weight had dropped to 2.7kg. According to the mom breastfeeding wasn’t going well and she wanted to give milk. So, although we encouraged her to continue breastfeeding as well, we showed her how to make the milk properly- enough water, enough scoops of milk and enough times a day, Unfortunately they didn't come back the next week. I thought the worst and every time I looked at pictures of him I wondered what happened.

Well, just last week a mom came to the clinic with her 8 month old son; a chubby, healthy boy except for a pretty bad diaper rash. Mom was happy and thankful. I didn't think anything at first but as we started talking I remembered who they were. This was the little guy that came in looking so malnourished. I could hardly believe my eyes!


Steve B. said...

Incredible Sandra! You've even got our church members looking at your stories now -- might start getting notes from folk who don't know you, but I'm sure they're going to be encouraging. You go girl!!

Donna H. said...

I am moved by this incredible story. Please know we are praying for you here at Southeast Christian Church. Stand firm!

Amy Mathews said...

That's such a great story!!! It's so nice that you were able to see the fruits of your labor and how much of a difference you are making!!

Hugs to you and your parents!!

Anonymous said...

San, this is wonderful, so good to read about this. Keep up the good work. You life and love for Jesus and the children is encouraging to those around you.
Love, mama (in Texas for 3 days :) )

Chele said...

Your ministry is incredible, what a Blessing God gave you the day that mother and child came in. Thank you for loving them where they are!

Anonymous said...

Sanne, That is amazing! Did the mom end up breastfeeding him anyway? Or did she follow the milk instructions? either way, what a difference "simple" interventions make! You really are saving lives!

Brigitta said...

Thank you for sharing this story Sandra! You are such a blessing to the people. God is using the gifts He gave you in tremendous ways.

missy said...

My goodness! that's unbelieveble!


btw: How come the baby was so 'white'?

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