Sunday, May 06, 2007

Lady Sandra...

Many of the taxis and poda poda’s (minivans used for public transport) have slogans painted on them. Slogans like: God bless you, In God we trust, God bless Allah, He is our Provider. Etc. Many of the slogans have a religious background others don’t; like “Bless my mother”. Some are just very random. Well, what I least expected was to find my name as a slogan on a vehicle here! But sure enough for the past few weeks, every day to and from work we have passed a vehicle with the slogan “Lady Sandra” on it. Mind you, this vehicle has not moved an inch, and doesn’t look like it ever will. Nevertheless, I couldn’t help but stop and take a few pictures. I was urged to get it for the photo shoot, which I did very cautiously as to avoid getting punctured by the metal rods sticking out of the seats or cut by the millions of pieces of glass on the floor. Anyway, here is me, and my name sake car!

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