Friday, May 25, 2007

Warm welcome at the Feeding Centre...

Overall, today was a great day. My afternoon was the highlight of the week, as I headed down to the feeding centre at the other end of town. I referred a number of children over the past two months and have not had the chance to visit them in the past 6 weeks, so today was the day.

As we drove up, I saw some moms sitting outside. While parking the car one of the mom's got up. I recognized her right away as the mother of one of the kids I sent- a child that lives across the street from me! As I opened the car door she started running towards me with a big smile on her face, shouting “Sandra”. What a warm welcome that was. It was like I was seeing a close friend again for the first time in years. After a big hug she ushered me into the center to see her child. Fortunately her child is gaining weight, however, still struggling to fight TB. I pray that she will do well.

I spent time with the mothers & children, talked to the nurses, took some pictures, helped the children I referred out financially to pay for x-rays that hadn't been taken yet, or medication that still needed to be bought etc. It was good to see the faces again of the children that so easily manage to steal a piece of my heart...over and over again!

The second part of the story took place when I got home. I left our compound, walked down the road and into my neighbors’ compound...which consists of some shacks, washing lines, pots on an open fire, little kids running around, stray dogs lazying around and women chattering in the background. I went to meet my 6 year old friend, the sister of the child at the feeding centre. I wanted to tell her that her mom and sister are doing well. I had printed out the pictures I took earlier that afternoon of her sister. She loved them. Her grandmother loved them. Before I knew it they were running around showing all the others the pictures. Everyone loved it. They loved the fact that the girl looked fatter. They in return also had a picture of the little girl for me. They are so sweet and I can't wait for the day that the sister returns to her compound...a healthy girl.

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