Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Peace rally in Sierra Leone...

On September 2nd a communiqué was signed by His Excellency the President and the two main political party leaders.

The meeting identified a number of matters of concern which were dealt with immediately. For example, the parties are not allowed to give ex-combatants and vigilante groups security roles in party activities. Also persons in possession of arms/offensive weapons/objects will be arrested and prosecuted. The police were urged to be more robust and impartial in carrying out their functions. The party leaders agreed to develop their inter-personal relationship. Etc.

In conclusion, the two leaders agreed to participate in a grand finale joint peace rally in Freetown, to demonstrate their commitment to the peaceful conduct of the run-off elections.

So, tomorrow (Sept 6th), at 10 am, the peace rally will begin. The route starts at Lumley round-about with a peace performance and then moves on to Congo Cross, Brookfields, past the Cotton Tree, to the Clock Tower, and finally ending in the East of the city at around 4pm. The convoy will included a number of different groups of people including: the Sierra Leone police, the Peace group, international religious Committee, Political Candidates, Party executives etc.

Hopefully this rally will bring the desired effect – peace. We are praying this won’t backfire.

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