Thursday, September 27, 2007

Reunion on the beach...

So, yesterday was Training Day 1.

This meant a 15 minute run on Lumley beach.
It was easy.
A good start.
However, after about 2 minutes of running, I had to stop.
Not because I couldn't run, but because I saw someone.
An 8 year old boy who sells groundnuts on the beach.
I met him last year and often stop to say hi,
And sometimes buy groundnuts.
Which I then have to hold onto while running,
Or stuff into my running shorts' pockets.
It had been months since I had seen him.
I think he went upcountry for the summer holidays.
And of course with the elections, school was out longer than expected.
So, it was quite a surprise to see him on the beach yesterday.
I asked how he was doing, he said great.
Actually, he looked good. He's gained some weight.
He said school started on Tuesday,
He was glad to be back.
He had been upcountry, to visit his father.
When I asked where, he just said 'far far'.
I told him I was glad to see him again.
He just smiled.
Osman has the most amazing smile!
I'm glad he's back.
Seeing him made my day.
(PS: Nicci, I hope it's ok I used this picture)

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