Saturday, March 22, 2008

Day with/at IMATT...

Another Saturday.
Hiking day for Sierra Leone’s walking group.
A group of expats that gathers at IMATT at 9am every Saturday to hike.
I usually find this too early and opt out, preferring to sleep in the one day I can.
Today I decided to join in.
I figure I can sleep in on Monday, since it’s a day off!
So, off we went at 835 this morning, making our way towards IMATT.
IMATT stands for International Military Advisory and Training Team.
Basically a group of mainly British army here to train/advise the Sierra Leone army.
Anyway, the hike starts from their ‘compound’ (which is huge) and a number of them join in.
Today was a small group and a short hike.
Two weeks ago when I went there were over 60 of us, for a 4 hour hike.
Our hike today was the Gloucester, Leceister, Regent loop.
Basically around the IMATT area, which is also close to where my church is.
It was fun to at one point ‘run into’ one of the girls in my Sunday school class.
She walked with us part of the way, as she was on her way home.
And we chatted a bit.
A little later we passed Dove International orphanage.
Some of those kids also attend my church and Sunday school.
As I was half-way up a hill I could hear yells ‘Aunty Sandra, aunty Sandra’.
I looked down and could see the kids from the orphanage yelling up!
At the end of our 2 hour walk we arrived back at IMATT.
We enjoyed a drink and breakfast/lunch at the Africa Bar.
And then us girls headed for the big IMATT pool.
It was great to sit in the sun, swim, and do some diving!
I could do this more often…

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