Thursday, March 06, 2008

Long clinic days this week...

So, it's been a long week once again. Leaving home at 730 am. Patient assessment outside the gate starting at 8 am. Clinic itself beginning shortly after that. Seeing lots of patients. Then going home.

However, the going home bit was somewhat later this week. On Monday I arrived home at 745 pm. On Tuesday I wasn't home till 645 pm. And today I got home at 730pm. Needless to say I am somewhat tired.

We did have quite a lot of patients this week. Over 60 today for example. I think one of the reasons the days are longer is because some of my staff is sick. One of my nurses has been on sick leave all week. Then my second nurse and lab tech were unwell today. Yes, that does explain why things took a little longer. 3 out of 5 staff unwell!

I guess the hardest part isn't even the long days. It's having to turn people away. Obviously with such long days it means we are seeing a fair amount of children. And obviously we can't help every single child in Freetown. But still. I had a mom in tears at 10 this morning because we told her we were full. And I told her If I let her in I needed to let the lady that was standing next to her with a sick (yet well looking) child in too. At some point you reach your limit. Then at 11 am a mother that has been here with her child twice already showed up. She too was told we are full. She wasn't very happy, but really, she should know better. She lives in the area and knows the clinic is full by 8. If she would have been in line at 8, she would have gotten in. The first time she came after 10 but her child was quite ill and she was lucky to somehow get in (child was referred for inpatient care). The second time she came on time, at 8 am & before the child was too sick. This time she was pushing her luck again, showing up late. I guess they try. And some learn the hard way. For some moms, doing house work first, or selling some goods, is more important than getting to the clinic by 8 to ensure entrance and good treatment for their children. Enough said, time for bed...

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