Sunday, April 13, 2008

News from home...

I am in Los Angeles.
A world away from my life in Sierra Leone.
Taking in the sunshine.
Enjoying times with friends.

Then I hear that one of my Sierra Leonean colleagues passed away this morning.
Is it really true?
In a whirlwind my thoughts are back in Africa.
Reality hits hard.

The statistics have become real once again.
A mother and a child lost.
This time the mother was my friend.
Can it get any more real than that?

My thoughts are with her husband.
With her family.
With my fellow colleagues.
Far away from LA.

All I can do is pray.
Believe that He is in control.
Know that my friend is in a better place.
And trust that He will comfort those of us who have lost a friend/colleague/wife.

In a country with the highest child and maternal mortality, this is another statistic.
To those of us involved it is much more.
Words fall short.
I am speechless.


Anonymous said...

I am sorry that you have suffered the loss of your friends. My deepest sympathies to you, Sandra.

jlo said...


You do not know me but I ran across your blog doing a search for my uncle who is heading to Sierra Leone in a week or two. He will be helping teach locals who to be a mechanic with certain machines for a logging operation, I think.

Anyway, I would love any info/tips you could give me to pass on to him. He has never been out of the country and I am praying that God will use this to bring him into the "family".

Sandra's Latest... said...

jlo- where in Sierra Leone? Freetown or upcountry? for how long? what kind of tips are you looking for?

Unknown said...

I love that you call Sierra Leone "home." News from home.

It was wonderful having you in LA.

My prayers are with K's family too.

jlo said...


Thanks for responding. He said he is going to the "jungle" about 150 miles east of Freetown (he thinks), but I believe he will be flying into Freetown. He is essentially an Arkansas "country boy" and has never been out of the country. This will be maybe his 3rd airline flight.

I have traveled quite a bit in South American and Latin America on mission trips, so I have some advice to give him, but with regards to Sierra Leone I don't know any specifics. Is there a specific bank you recommend he use in Freetown, certain hotel he should try to stay at, etc.

Also, is there an English speaking church I can direct him towards. He is not a believer, but is open to God doing something in his life.

You can email me at if needed. Thanks.

Enjoy the blog, by the way.

~ Act Justly. Love Mercy. Walk Humbly. micah 6:8 ~