Saturday, April 05, 2008


Time with my nieces has been great. The day I arrived at their house they were a bit shy; probably for all of 30 minutes. Within no time I found myself playing hide and seek, jumping on pillows and swinging my nieces around. Seeing as they both wanted to be swung around, I thought I'd try 2 at a time. And it worked! They loved it.

Zoey remembers me as aunt Sandra, but also as 'knuffelmonster'- a name that stuck from the last time I visited- basically meaning a 'hugging monster', that being a friendly monster of course. Anyway, I have to live up to my name, so there are always lots of times for hugs, which usually involves running after my nieces and lots of laughter. The cutest thing happened the first night I was here- at dinner time Zoey prayed and she basically said she was thankful that 'knuffelmonster' (me) was here. The fact that she called me that in a prayer was quite funny. Fortunately she does know my real name too.

Since being here we've done a lot of activities- coloring, making a house out of couch pillows, painting with bath paint, playing outside, doing flips on the monkey bars at the playground, blowing bubbles, singing and dancing, going crazy in a huge indoor playground, playing games, teaching Zoey to take pictures, reading books, etc. It's been good. What can I say, they're the cutest!

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