Wednesday, March 25, 2009

24 take offs/landings later…

…I arrived in Sierra Leone.

My plane ride was uneventful and I had 4 seats to myself! Arriving at the Lungi airport was chaos as usual with 101 people trying to “help out”. I actually was thankful to have one of the porters help me out with my luggage. Once I broke free from the mob trying to persuade me to take every mode of transport available (helicopter, hovercraft, watertaxi, ferry), I bought a ticket for the watertaxi. When the shuttle bus dropped us off at the beach hotel where the taxi leaves from I wondered if I chose correctly. The place was dark, no electricity and no boat yet. But we soon went out to the jetty (with lights) and the boat arrived. Many waves and a few quick prayers later, we arrived safe and sound in Aberdeen where 3 of my teammates were waiting for me.

I was home. Home but not really home since our team moved houses while I was away. Although I have lived in Freetown for 4 years now, I was being shown around in a new house and felt as if I was in an unfamiliar place. It felt weird being the one who has been at the clinic the longest. However, I soon found out that everyone is still figuring things out in this house. For example there are 3 floors, each with a kitchen. It seems the contents of the 1 kitchen we used to have are now divided between the three; some have a water kettle, others have a microwave, another has an oven. It takes a little running around and searching to find what you’re looking for! I had to search around for powdered milk one night; finally found it on the middle floor kitchen. At times it feels a bit like camping. But I’m not complaining; I just arrived. Others have been ‘camping’ like this for a month now.

My room is great. Good size with view of both the mountains off to the left and the ocean straight ahead- all be it a very small bit of ocean in the distance. My first night in my new room was not the greatest. The abundance of mosquitoes (which were never to be found in my previous room) kept me up a fair bit of the night, and I was even sleeping under my net! And new noises such as the little kid neighbor crying at night, the helicopter taking off and landing, loud music on the street made me stir now and then. But, when all is said and done, I have a lovely new place I can make into yet another home!

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