Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Back to work.
Great to see staff.
Only 1 patient scheduled for follow-up.
Namina – the girl with a hole in her cheek.
Praise God the hole is getting smaller!
I was worried about her while I was away.
And having to send advice/instructions by email made things tricky.
However, I was very thankful to see the improvement.

At 3pm I had already sent my staff home and so decided to sort my room a bit.
One of the plusses to our new house is definitely the 2 minute walk to/from work.
A new room, where to start?
I decided I needed to figure out where to put my furniture first of all.
I ended up moving my bed around to 4 different spots in the room before being satisfied.
It was then time to unpack; first the suitcases, then the boxes.
The first suitcase was easy- it was basically gifts, goodies and lab tests!
The boxes took a bit longer.
I spent Saturday unpacking the last few boxes, putting up pictures and candles.
My room now feels a lot like home.

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