Monday, April 12, 2010

Medair ROC & confession...

On March 13th I travelled by plane and by train to a beautiful place called Vallorbe, Switzerland to participate in a week long relief orientation course (ROC) along with 33 other participants from all over the world. The lectures given were excellent, covering a wide range of topics from people management to suffering to team work to security issues to personality profiles to the biblical basis of relief work, etc. Great topics and great speakers. To be honest, a lot of it I had heard before, but it was good to hear it again, from a different viewpoint.

Another big part of the ROC was the simulation. I would love to get into the exciting details of the simulation but due to the nature of the course, many details need to remain unsaid, however, I can assure you that it was a week full of adventure. The simulation continued on and off throughout the week but got to the point that I felt like I was constantly in simulation. All I can say is that it consisted of many practical exercises, focusing on team work, cross-cultural aspects, living in a developing country and surviving in an insecure environment. I think the one thing that surprised me the most (and believe me, there were many surprises) was how real the emotion of fear was at one point, when I knew it was a simulation! I wish I could say more, but I can't or they might eliminate me. What I do need to confess is that this morning, as I reached into my jeans pocket, I pulled out a 100,000 bill in Tusil currency. Forgive me, finance officer.

Last of all, there were interviews held on the Friday. I met with someone from HR for a general interview and then later with someone else for a medical interview. Good interviews. Basically told me that the course went well and I was a good fit. The question is, is there a placement available that matches up with what I want to do in the field. To be continued.

So, in summary, the ROC was amazing, scary, intense, fun, adventurous, informative and inspiring. I would definitely recommend it to anyone remotely interested in Medair. Great organization. Excellent orientation course. Thanks Medair.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for this, I am looking at doing the course and wanted to see what others thought of it. I am just curious if you were successful in the end, and what the 'success' rate was? How long did it take if so, and is it what you thought it would be? Thank you!

Monica said...

I have recently been selected to participate in the MEDAIR ROC and I greatly appreciated your write up of your experience in Switzerland. Did you end up working with MEDAIR and if you did would you be able to share with me your experience.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sandra, my name is Gloria. I have recently been selected to participate in ROC 2015(USA). Will e-mail you.

Roderick Ramos Labicane said...

Hi... glad to have read this.. i am also applying for a ROC... hope to get accepted.. thank you for this..

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