Wednesday, April 07, 2010


I went to another 2 schools today and gave another 4 presentations on my trip to Haiti. The children listened attentively and were very intrigued. I think it is great for them to be able to see and understand what is going on in Haiti and what the money they raised was used for. Some of the questions were really good. Like, why is Haiti not in the news anymore? And, how are they going to rebuild the city? Some were your typical questions like, did you see any big spiders? And then some were not questions but comments like, my brother broke his leg once too. Always fun to share with children.

On Sunday I have one more presentation- this time in church. I'll use the opportunity to put Haiti in the spotlight once again and speak of the urgent need of shelter and pray for the country. Then I'll show my 4+ minute video and hope it encourages people to continue praying for Haiti.

Meanwhile I am still working on 'what next' and have come to some conclusions for myself. I am not going into much detail here, but I have sent out a number of emails to various hospitals/organizations in three different countries. And I am hoping for some positive responses. I do have a slight preference, so we'll see what happens. And how God leads. It's a time in which I am trusting Him to open/close the doors. In the meantime, I wait.

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