Monday, May 17, 2010

Lesson from Eyjafjallajökull...

I am amazed by the pictures I saw today of
Iceland's Eyjafjallajökull volcano on National Geographic. What an amazing show of smoke, light and fire. Incredible. The power of nature. Nature reflecting the power of God.

The volcanic eruption has proven to man once again that we are not in charge. We are not the masters of this universe. There is something bigger. Bigger even than the forces of nature. Behind all of this, orchestrating every single event in this universe, is an all-powerful God. As much as mankind may think he is in control, he is not. Because even though we have made amazing advances in technology over the years, and there is more and more that we can control in this life, we cannot control all things.

Now because of something totally out of our control, millions of passengers have been stranded and millions of dollars have been lost as a result. Even today various airports, including Schiphol airport in Amsterdam have been closed down. Of course, I feel sorry for many of these passengers. I think of my mom, who four weeks ago was making her way from Haiti to the Netherlands to stand by her critically ill mother, only to be stranded in Madrid for two days due to volcanic ash. There were people who missed funerals, weddings, and other significant occasions all because of one volcano. A volcano that once again proves that we do not have all things under control. A reminder that God is in control. At all times. In every situation. And all we need to do is surrender all things to Him and believe.

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