Friday, May 21, 2010

Mercy Ships announces...

While trying to figure out a way to get one of my former Sierra Leone patients, Namina, to the ship for surgery I found out that it may just be easier to wait until the ship arrives in Sierra Leone. Agreed, except for the fact that this was just around the time that it was not yet certain if the ship would or would not go to Sierra Leone in 2011. However, on April 20th I read on the Mercy Ships blog that Sierra Leone is the chosen country for the 2011 Field Service and that the protocols and Memoranda of Understanding had been signed. Good news. How exciting to know that the people in Sierra Leone will be able to access the surgical/dental care that is lacking in the country. As you may know, the ship was supposed to go to Sierra Leone 2 or 3 times during my time there in 2005-2009 but those trips were cancelled one after another. I am hoping and praying that this time, the ship will really go. I believe this will happen. And I know the people of Sierra Leone will be blessed. I am also thankful to know that some of the patients I have met in 2005-2009 will finally be able to have their surgeries. Many of the cleft lip patients at the time were sent to the ship in Liberia but there were many eye patients, orthopedic patients, and burn contracture patients that I had to continuously disappoint. I am praying they will each make their way to the screening next year. And for Namina, I am thrilled that she will be able to have surgery. We had a very intense 6 months together in 2009 when she came to the clinic multiple times a week for wound care due to a disease called noma or cancrum oris and I can't wait to see her face restored. You can read about Namina's story here and here and in the next blog post.

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