Monday, February 28, 2011


I had a lovely weekend however, I have to confess, I broke my own rule. I did end up doing a little bit of work on both Saturday and Sunday but it really was only small small. Other than that I did have a very relaxing weekend, except for a sleepless night last night with a ‘crazy’ man next door rambling all night throwing random things into a bonfire that cast shadows into my room, loud music playing until the early hours from a house nearby and the dogs that sounded like they had gone mad.

I had a lovely dinner at Roy’s on Lumley beach with a team from Texas on Friday evening: great company, good food and the ocean breeze. On Saturday I had a delicious breakfast at Bliss with Shona and we were able to catch up a bit on life. We then went to the UN pool for a couple of hours and enjoyed the cool water, very hot sun and some peace and quiet. That evening I went to Alex’s for dinner with the advance team- for their last meal before moving back onboard the ship. : ) Again, the food and company were great. Yeah for grilled barracuda and friends. On Sunday I woke up early to go to the port for the arrival of the Africa Mercy. Once the ceremony was finished and the officials went onboard, the rest of us headed off, seeing as we couldn’t go onboard anyway. So a few of us went out for lunch, which other than the food taking over an hour, was really nice. I spent the rest of the afternoon at home, taking a nap, doing a little work, sorting through photos and occasionally looking out from the balcony having been so surprised that I could see the ship from there.

I’m now ready for a new week: a week of various meetings, SLICH Board preparation, finance catch up, hopefully a bit of patient care and various other bits of work and hopefully a visit to the ship.

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