Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Independence Eve in Sierra Leone...

The plan for the night (according to the schedule) was Carnival and Fireworks at Lumley beach, starting at 9 pm. I assumed that the festivities would start around 9 pm like they did on Sunday night and that the fireworks would kick off at midnight.

So, my colleague and I headed down to Lumley beach decked out in green, white and blue. We were ready for a party. The plan was to head to Montana’s on the beach and meet up with some more friends and then join in with the Saloneans to celebrate.

Well, the night did not quite go as planned. We ended up sitting at Montana’s with about 30 expatriates, waiting. Surprisingly, beach road was not crowded at all. The road was not blocked off like it was Sunday night which actually made it easier for everyone to get transport. However, I actually quite liked the street festival vibe on Sunday evening and was hoping tonight would be even more spectacular. There must have been a party elsewhere that someone forgot to tell us about!

My colleague’s friend was due to arrive tonight from the UK and so at 10:30 pm we headed to the water taxi to pick her up. We walked along Lumley beach road, which was still really quiet. No partying going on, but again, this meant we easily found a taxi. The friend arrived at 11:15 pm and decided that instead of heading back to the beach, we would head home. After all, it seemed more and more unlikely that there would actually be fireworks. And if there were, we would see them from our house.


I never did see fireworks tonight, and it didn’t sound like much partying was going on, but it was still an enjoyable evening. People must either be partying elsewhere or getting geared up for the 7 am parade tomorrow! Of course, on our street, the music has piped up and the party has started. I think the music may just go on all night. For me, it’s time to sleep. I’ll continue the Independence Day celebrations tomorrow! And I am sure that tomorrow there will be a lot going on…

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