Saturday, April 30, 2011

Queens Day 2011...

Today is Queens Day in the Netherlands. But I am in Freetown and I'm afraid there's not much going on here in the way of Dutch celebrations. It's still full on Independence here. So, I'm thinking of my friends and family having a great time back home - decked out in orange and enjoying the festivities outdoors.

It's quite funny this year with Sierra Leone's independence, the British Royal Wedding and Queens Day all being within a few days of each other. Makes me realize how patriotic people can be. And although I didn't care too much about the royal wedding, I did enjoy seeing a glimpse of the procession in one of the doctors offices yesterday. And I am reminded today of how excited I was last year to be within meters of Queen Beatrix in my hometown.

Anyway, I hope all of my Dutch friends have fun today. I am hoping I'll feel a bit better this evening to catch a glimpse of the lantern parade here in Freetown - the final Independence event I believe.

(see post from last year: Koninginnedag 2010...)

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