Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Help AdvocAid in Sierra Leone...

"In 2005, a young woman in Sierra Leone was sentenced to death for a murder she did not commit. Her purported crime was the killing of a 6-month-old baby, the daughter of her husband's second wife. The infant died after its father sat on it, but the young woman, whom we know only by her initials M.K., took the blame – and even told police that she had killed it. "I said that I was guilty because my husband told me to," M.K. says. Her husband told the police that she had poisoned the baby, and they believed him. M.K. ended up on death row in Sierra Leone's notoriously grim Pademba Road Prison in the capital city of Freetown, far from her home village. Forgotten by her family and unable to read, write, or pay for a decent lawyer, M.K. was confined to a small, dirty cell for nearly six years. But then she met Sabrina Mahtani, the founder of AdvocAid, a nonprofit group based in Freetown that provides free services for women who find themselves inside Sierra Leone's prisons. Ms. Mahtani got to know M.K. and was moved by her story. Mahtani offered to help..." For more on this story: click on this story about Sabrina and AdvocAid.

AdvocAid is a great organization set up by Sabrina who has dedicated her time to helping women in prison. It is far from easy to do the work that she does day in and day out but she does it. One of the quotes that strikes me the most in the above article is that "it's not about numbers, it's about impacting individual lives." That is exactly what Sabrina and her team are doing. Helping one woman at a time. They are changing lives. And to do this, they need our support. Finding funding for this type of work is not easy. Will you join with AdvocAid today and help the women and children imprisoned in Sierra Leone? Donate through paypal or through AdvocAid's justgiving page today!

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