Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The run...

I’m sure you are familiar with the term ‘love-hate relationship’. Well, that is kind of what it is like with me and running. I love it and I hate it. So, as much as I wanted to start running again, it took some effort to convince myself that it was the right thing to do this evening. It had been months since I last ran, and it was high time for some exercise. And, since I was home by 5:30 pm for once, there was no excuse.

Seeing as I had to get down to the beach first, I thought I should wear running clothes that are more modest – as in, no shorts, but Capri’s. This meant, however, that I would have to forego the zip pockets and make do with one small pocket. I decided for safety purposes not to take anything with me – no phone, no iPod, basically nothing. I would only take some money and one key. So, I put 5,000 Leones (just over $1) in my pocket, and 5,000 Leones in each shoe, just in case I lost the money out of the pocket or someone decided to steal it! I then took another Le 1,300 with me for my transport money, so that I wouldn’t have to run with change jingling in my pocket! The 5,000 bills were for the way home: one to use for transport and two for contingency. I then took my apartment key and tied it onto my Capri cord tie. I was ready.

So, off I went. I headed down the stairs with a bag of water (yes, a 500 ml bag of water) in my hands, because I thought it would be wise to hydrate myself before the run. On my way from the house to the roundabout, which is about a 7-minute walk, I was slowed down a bit by multiple people asking if I was going to jog. Yes, I replied. As soon as I got to the roundabout there was a taxi waiting and we headed towards Lumley. Fortunately traffic was not bad and 15 minutes later I was at the Lumley roundabout. From there I walked to Atlantic and that is when my run began. A run from Atlantic to Roy’s.

I loved the initial part of the run, like maybe the first 5 minutes. I then quickly started hating it! I think there were times in between that I liked it again, but for the most part, I didn’t love it very much. Once I was done however, all of the hatred was gone and I was satisfied!

The things I loved were being on the beach, hearing the ocean, watching the sunset, knowing I was getting some exercise and greeting others on the beach. But I throughout the run I hated being out of breath, feeling like I couldn’t continue any longer and getting a stitch in my side. So, the verdict is out, do I love it or do I hate it? I think it really is a bit of both. Now, if only I can get to the beach more often (before it gets dark) to run, then maybe I will improve my condition and not feel Iike I am going to die while running!

Of course, it does take some effort to get to the beach and back as well. I think half of the time I was out was spent in transport. Once I reached Roy’s I walked for about 10 minutes and then ran again towards Family Kingdom. Once there I walked up to the Aberdeen roundabout. I managed to get a front seat on a poda poda but felt bad because I was getting the seat all sweaty! I suppose it happens all the time. When we reached Congo Cross I got out in order to take a taxi up to Wilberforce, got out at Cemetery road and then walked the last 5 minutes home.

So, the run was worth it. And hopefully I’ll be able to go for a run again soon. I’ll have to be creative and think of a way to make it easier to get down there and back in less time. Or, I suppose I can start running in Wilberforce and run all the way down Spur Road to Lumley. After all, it’s downhill. I’ll keep you posted.

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