Monday, June 13, 2011

Part 2 of beach run...

As always, plans change. I did go for a run but didn’t make it home until hours later! I started out at 4:30 pm. The run down Spur road was great. To the disappointment of the Sierra Leonean runner that joined me, I chose to walk through Lumley rather than continue with him. This was mainly to reduce the risk of being hit by a car. I then walked down to Atlantic where I started running again. Part of me wished I would have continued running with my new ‘friend’ because he set a pretty good pace. Of course, before I knew it I was joined by another Sierra Leonean. We ran a bit and then walked a bit. At one point I thought I was done running for the day and we continued walking down the Aberdeen side of the beach.

Suddenly the sky became dark and the wind picked up. We started running again in the hopes to reach Family Kingdom. No chance. Within seconds the rain started. With about 30 others we dashed into a rather long ‘strip mall like’ building under construction on the side of the road. I was now stuck in a construction site with a stranger I met along the way! I was happy there was a bigger group. I did not have a phone on me so I couldn't call anyway to pick me up either. It was now a waiting game. After about 30 minutes I felt a tap on my shoulder. Two doctors I know who work with UNFPA were standing behind me. They had been ‘stuck’ in the far end of the same shelter. What are the odds? We chatted a bit and the conversation ended with an appointment to meet on Tuesday to discuss the neonatal unit! By this time it was after 6:30 pm. Two hours after I set out. Seeing as I was supposed to meet up with Sarah at 8 pm there was no point in going home first. Once the rains died down, my second runner friend and I headed to the beach again to finish off the run (before the rains started again!). He’s convinced that his mission in life is to be my running coach. I wasn’t as convinced!

From the beach I walked up to the Aberdeen Centre. Sarah wasn’t there yet, but Mikey was and as thoughtful as he is provided me with dinner. (Thanks Mikey). I then had a good chat and prayer time with Sarah. It’s lovely to have good friends here! All said and done, I was picked up f
rom there at 9 pm by a friend and headed home. It was a successful evening in the end.

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