Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Desperate measures...

I walked into a doctor's office this afternoon to get a document signed. Since the doctor was examining a patient, I waited at the door and observed. The infant I saw on the examination couch was picture perfect: besides a skin rash, the child was beautiful. I talked to the lady standing beside me; she was the child's aunt. I commented on how well the baby looked. She smiled and said her sister is the child's mom. Moments later the nurses in the offices were talking to the mother, saying she is a witch. I was somewhat shocked; although it's not the first time I have heard someone referred to as a witch. I assumed she must have done something wrong and the nurses were not pleased with her parenting skills.

After a few minutes, the doctor completed his examination and motioned for me to come. We talked briefly and he then proceeded to sign the document I brought in. While he was signing, I watched the baby again. He really was perfect and I could not help but think of the life he will have ahead of him. As I looked over at the mom, who was now sitting a few feet away from me, I saw that she was handcuffed. I then realized that the policewoman who was sitting in the back of the room, was actually the one who bought the child in. There was much more going on here than I expected. I quickly learned that the mother attempted to kill her son. I know understood why the nurses were speaking badly of her.

I couldn’t help but feel sorry for the mother and wonder what on earth would lead her to try and suffocate her child. What would cause someone to go to such desperate measures? I wanted to ask her what was wrong and find out what is going on in her mind? But I couldn’t. It wasn’t appropriate. I felt sorry for the child too of course, and relieved to think that his life was saved and that hopefully that he will have a bright future. Unfortunately his aunty is young and cannot take care of him and so I hope his grandmother can. Meanwhile, I am thinking of his mom. She must be hurting. There is no way someone would try to kill her child without being desperate for help. I actually just wanted to go over and give her a hug. I’m hoping that she will realize that what she has done is wrong but at the same time that someone will reach out to her and give her hope.

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