Friday, March 02, 2012


It is true. On average I have a bottle of Coca – Cola a day. It’s not so good for the teeth, I know. However, during a hot day in the office it is SO refreshing to sit outside in the shade and drink a cold bottle of Coca – Cola. It definitely picks me up. And the bottles are so much tastier than the cans. That’s a fact. While I was away in the UK and the Netherlands I decided to do a Coca - Cola fast. For 2 weeks I didn’t have any soft drinks. And it actually wasn’t difficult. I felt like I had more options at home, like juices, milk, iced tea etc. Plus, it was really cold outside, making it easier too, meaning I often had hot tea! Of course, now that I am back I’ve re-started my habit but I will try to stick to one a day! I can think of many worse things in life, so I am going to continue enjoying my Coca – Cola.

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