Saturday, March 03, 2012

What keeps me busy...

People often ask me what I get up to in Freetown. To be honest, I am out many evenings. I can never quite re-call what I spend my time doing because it’s a mix of seeing friends, going to events, etc. Although I get out a lot, I still feel like there are many people I don’t catch up with regularly. So what do I actually do?

I usually go to a Wednesday night Bible study group and a Thursday evening women’s group. On Tuesdays I’ll often go for a run on the beach and then hang out with friends. On Fridays and Saturdays there’s often some kind of event, or dinner out or sometimes I’ll go to Bliss to make use of the internet. There are a lot of expatriates here that I try to catch up with – sometimes in a group setting, sometimes one-on-one, as well as Sierra Leoneans that I meet up with.

Just to give you an idea, this is what my evenings looked like this past week: a goodbye party for a friend who has been here for 3 years, an afternoon and evening at River 2 beach until after sunset, visiting my friends Hawa and Gibrill at their house and enjoying a Sierra Leonean dinner, a run on the beach followed by a chat with a friend, a TEDx event, an open mic night at O’Casey’s bar, the Thursday night women’s group, a photo exhibition at Bliss.

As you can probably tell, Freetown life is actually quite exciting. It’s such a diverse place with so many opportunities. Today I went to the launching of a new hiking trail up Sugar Loaf mountain. That’s not an everyday happening. Neither is a TEDx event and a photo exhibition. And that all happened in the past week. Life is far from boring here. It’s definitely nice to have a change from the busy/crazy/rollercoaster days at the hospital but it is also important to get the balance right. There are definitely times when I need an evening in as well; like tonight. A night to catch up with life, write a few blog posts and rest after a hike up Sugar Loaf Mountain!

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